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For all the inspiring USNA cooks, and for those of us in need of inspiration, we bring you the following cookbook. If you have great recipes, please share your ideas, hints and success stories. We can all use a helping hand and that's what USNA-Parents is all about.


Jeanne Rudzki
Phillip 06/21 YP Squadron
Birmingham, AL

The best investment (aside from a Southwest Rapid Rewards Card for travel to and from BWI) I have made over the past year has been to buy a miniature ice cream scoop from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. It is great to scoop in the cookie dough to make symmetrical cookes every time without a lot of mess.

Sharon Reasor
Cline 04/09
Salem VA
I have used this simple idea for many occasions after it was such a big success with my favorite mid.
When I make brownies, any recipe or mix, I do not bake them in a 9X13 pan, etc. I use a cup cake pan, no paper cups, just cooking spray. Fill each cup about half way. This makes a perfect size. One mix will make 12 brownies. Be sure to let them cool well in the pan before removing or the crusty top will separate from the bottom. I put each serving in a sandwich size zip lock bag. They stay fresh and are so easy to share or to eat on the run.

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