Parents of USNA Midshipmen BEAT ARMY !!
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    Drum & Bugle Competition
    Story and photos by Capt. Barbara Craig

    Colorado Interservice Competition

    Barabara Craig
    ImageStation Album of the D&B Competition
    Pictures of the game and campus
    More pictures of the game and campus

    Steve Hayes
    ImageStation Album of the D&B Competition
    ImageStation Album of the Game, the area and the campus

    Sad to report the Navy lost to AF last night in the interservice competition. There is no doubt the crowd thought the Navy did a better job, too bad the judges didn't! It was great to see D&B parents there, who flew in from coast to coast to support their mids, as well as a former D&B member from the class of 1995 and his family.

    The first part of the competition was a regional finals for high school marching bands in full costume, some rather bizarre to put it mildly, and lots of girls with flags doing acrobatics on the field. The winning band musicians put down their instruments and danced with poles that looked like metal fence posts with flag girls in costumes that looked like they were knights of the round table, some drum majors wore evening gowns with long gloves, some where in blue jean or khaki baggy knee length skorts with revealing tight tank tops, we have never seen anything like it! Certainly an entertaining evening. I guess the marching bands we are used to on the East Coast are a little more conservative! Who knows, maybe we are boring out here in Maryland, they sure looked like they were having fun out there.

    The Navy D&B performed beautifully, great musical selections and they sounded super, terrific unison and formations on the field, etc despite the fact that it was about 40 degrees out and after midnight their time when they went on. They ended playing Anchors Aweigh in the classic anchor pattern on the field (they marched into an anchor shape). Twice during their performance the USNA D&B received standing ovations and loud cheers from the crowd.

    The USAFA D&B performed last, and played well, but received no loud cheers or standing ovations, despite the fact that they were the "home team". I think technically they did well, but the music didn't grab the audience as much and get them into the performance. They did however have female cadets with snazzy colorful flags and dance routines. Maybe that swayed the judges, who knows. The crowd reaction was definitely in favor of Navy.

    Oh well, there is always next year! We'll get that trophy back!