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    I-day - Class of '06
    Photos by Karen Grimm and story and photos by Barbara Craig
    Barbara Craig's Albums
    Before Entering Alumni Hall

    Emerging from Alumni Hall
    T Court Left Side
    T Court Right Side
    Final Farewells
    Final Farewells II

    Karen Grimm's Album

    USNA Alumni Association

    Fitzgerald I-day Album

    I can't believe how emotional we felt to be going up there again for I day, even though we didn't have an incoming plebe. I volunteered, along with other doctors and corpsmen from the National Naval Medical Center, to do medical screenings and evaluations for the incoming class in Alumni Hall and had to be there before the first of the new plebes entered the building (there was a long line even at 0530 when we arrived).

    While I was busy inside, Pete, and Towanda Curtis, Elaine Brye, and Karen Grimm greeted new plebe parents and family members, offering advice and support as they walked around the Yard. They were on the go all day and did a terrific job, making lots of new friends. By the end of the day, we actually had people we met earlier in the day coming up to us to chat like long lost friends. What a Navy family!

    It was fascinating being inside Alumni Hall. The new plebes all appeared shell-shocked as they were greeted with yelling and sooo many questions. "Why are you wearing that Summer Seminar T-shirt on Induction Day?" "Sir, no excuse sir" "Do you think you are special because you went to Summer Seminar?" "Sir, no sir". They quickly learned this"sir, yes sir", "sir, no excuse, sir" routine for every communication and to hold their Reef Points up high in front of their faces, within seconds upon entering the building.

    I was in one of the early stations, they were still in their civilian clothes and had hair on their heads! The medical teams were instructed to be extra friendly, warm, and supportive, to help ease the stress of the day and to make their first impression of Navy medicine a positive one.

    During the medical screenings we all made an effort to use their first names (something that won't be used again for the next year!), ask about their interests and sports, and where they were from. Since I was not able to arrange for an official meeting place for unaccompanied plebes after the induction ceremony (a long story), we had an unofficial one--I found 5 plebes during my medical evals who were alone and they all came to the designated spot. Karen, Elaine, Pete and I gave them food and cold drinks, took photos, gave hugs, and let them call home. I think that was our favorite part of the day.

    Although it rained in the am, the sun came out and shone brightly in the afternoon and at the Induction Ceremony. It was much less hot and humid than last year and there was a lovely breeze. The new Supe and Dant gave wonderful welcoming speeches after a terrific performance by the Navy Band in Alumni Hall. I think there were even more parents this year than last, it was packed.

    The Induction Ceremony was moving. Sun glinting off Bancroft Hall, jets flying overhead, and lots of pomp and tradition. The new plebes looked sharp, albeit a little worn out after the long day. There were lots of hugs and tears along Stribling Walk as parents and plebes said their farewells. It was a great day.

    Welcome to our USNA family, parents of the class of 06, your roller coaster ride has begun!