Parents of USNA Midshipmen BEAT ARMY !!
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    Army/Navy Football Game - 12/7/02
    Story by Capt. Barbara Craig

    Barbara Craig's Army/Navy Game
    Barbara Craig's Pep Rally-Gala

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    The final score--Navy 58 -- Army 12. What a glorious day and sensational victory.

    After the East Coast receiving 4-8 inches of snow and bitter cold temperatures in the 48 hours prior to the game, it was quite an accomplishment that the stadium looked as good as it did. Very little ice and snow on the field (only on the sidelines), the seats and aisles were clear. What a job it must have been to ready the stadium.

    Saturday morning the temperatures were in the teens, but it warmed way up into the 30s as the afternoon went on. However, we were not basking in the warmth, it was windy and many people were in the shade for the entire game due to the orientation of the stadium. Luckily for us, we were on the sunny side, but even then, it was very cold out there today.

    The march-ons, as always were so moving. Seeing such fine young men and women out there makes us parents proud, but it makes our Country proud too. They looked sensational. The only disappointment of the day was that it was too windy for the jumpers to land in the stadium, that is always so much fun. The flyovers, as usual were great. Not as many as at an Air Force game, but still, a lot of fun. The Glee Club sounded superb as they sang the National Anthem.

    The football game was wonderful from the first few plays to the last. The Navy team dominated in both offense and defense throughout. We had 8 touchdowns to the Army's one. Not only did our players look and think like a
    new team, but they had new plays, more aggressive defense, and even some great passes (for a team that usually prefers rushing). They were just great out there. The crowd was so excited and cheering and screaming! Some
    people behind us sang a song and did a dance every time we had a first down, since we had so many, they must be exhausted tonight! Everyone around us seemed to be decked out in Navy apparel from dyed hair to face paint, to hats, jackets, scarves, and pins. Watching on TV keeps you warm and comfy but there is nothing like being there to witness this time honored tradition. Of particular note was the presentation of survivors of Pearl Harbor on the field at half time, as you recall today is Pearl Harbor Day.

    The Drum and Bugle Corps performed for the half-time show and they sounded great, doing slick formations and dazzling the crowd with exciting music. It is amazing they were able to play as well as they did, the field was in the shade by that time and with the wind chill it was probably in the teens or less. They don't wear their wool jackets to perform which I am sure meant they were very cold already, but then try putting an ice cold brass
    instrument to your lips will sucking in arctic air to blow through it!

    Seeing the teams honor each other with their alma maters at the end of the game was so touching. They show such respect for each other. It is always nice to hear Blue and Gold as the last one sung -- that means we won! It was a great day, one that will certainly go down in the record books, a stunning and well deserved victory.

    Tonight we headed into Manhattan for dinner and saw mids and cadets on just about every street corner, having fun and seeing the sights. I am sure for many of the plebes at least, this was their first trip to NYC, a very exciting and colorful place, especially this time of year.