Parents of USNA Midshipmen BEAT ARMY !!
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    Army/Navy Basketball - Mar 01, 2003
    Photos by and
    Capt Barbara Craig

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    Women's Basketball - Navy wins in TRIPLE overtime 86-85
    Men's Basketball - Navy wins in a come from behind victory 62-56
    Drum and Bugle, Cheerleaders and Mids in Stands

    What a day!!!! Huge crowds on hand for both games, many, many mids were there. The mood was electric. The mids wore their blue and gold warm-up suits and the place was awash in bright gold and navy blue, just a small number of Army fans. Our fans were on their feet, cheering and having a wonderful time for much of the games.

    Women's game first--it was the closest basketball game I have ever seen-we were ahead, Army was ahead, neck and neck throughout. It went into TRIPLE, yes TRIPLE overtime--unbelievable. At the last moment, literally with something like 3 seconds left in the game, Navy pulled ahead and won by one point. The crowd was elated--we had all been on the edge of our seats. The women sitting next to me said she didn't think her heart could take another overtime. The game went on for almost 3 hours. The seniors and their families were honored.

    At half-time they had the challenge of the mascots with about 20 colorful mascots--in addition to the Army mule and Bill the Goat, they also had local sports team mascots, police and fire mascots, etc, etc-- they were hysterical to watch trying to play basketball in those costumes.

    The men's game started off slowly with the score stuck at Army 16 - Navy 10 for FIVE MINUTES! By half-time Navy men had only scored 19 points. It was really disheartening as the Coach said at the end of the game. However, they came out fighting after half-time and Navy had only 2 turnovers the rest of the game, pulling ahead in the final minute, to win 62-56 in a great come from behind victory. It was thrilling. The men's seniors and their families were also honored at the end of the game.

    They also announced all the seniors in the D&B who would be graduating this year.

    It was the most exciting afternoon of basketball I have ever seen--and to be against Army to boot (excuse the pun)--it was awesome. All season, 13th and 26th companies have faithfully had
    lots of mids cheering at the basketball games and waving banners, silly hats, etc. Because of their support at the home games, the 2 companies were invited to a hoops contest. Whichever company had the most baskets in minute (2 mids in each company participating with the rest of them cheering their players on) would win a prize. 26th company won the event and received a 51" rear projection big screen TV and the entire company will be able to go to Six Flags amusement park when it opens once Spring comes. But after all the cheering, the announcer said, there are no losers in this, 13th company did a great job supporting the teams as well, and they wheeled out a second 51" big screen TV for their ward room too! It was great to see, they were all so excited and happy, that is a very nice reward.