Parents of USNA Midshipmen BEAT ARMY !!
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    D&B Firstie Parents Weekend
    Photos by and story by
    Barbara Craig

    Drum & Bugle

    These photos were taken on Firstie Parent Weekend of the D&B show on Turf Field. Wide
    angle views so you can see the formations and close-ups so you can see their faces. They not only look great, but they sounded wonderful too!

    After this show, we went to Alumni Hall for the Bill Cosby show. The Hall was packed full of parents and mids. Mr. Cosby was in great form--his only prop was a chair, and he kept the audience laughing for almost two and a half hours. Clad in a USNA blue and gold warm-up suit with his name embroidered on it, he came out to a standing ovation. Throughout the night, there were many references to the Navy (and his prior service), the USNA, and the military. He compared Ivy League schools to the USNA and made a repeated point of telling the parents that our mids are saving us so much money that we owe them a Porsche with a trunk full of cash! He brought several mids on stage with their families (one set from his high school alma mater and another who was a beautiful young lady), told stories about one of his daughter's getting in to college only after he promised the Dean a new hospital and a four lane highway, and then spent a lot of time telling the males in the audience how no matter how important they think they are, the women in their lives will always be in charge, might as well give in now. He
    ended the evening telling the mids to thank their parents, the one who brought them into this world, and the one who tricked her into doing it!

    Barbara Craig