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    4th of July
    Photos by and story by Barbara Craig
    Barabara Craig's Online Album
    North Texas NAPC Plebe Sightings

    Here is the latest link for photos taken by my family on July 4. Some are from drill practice on Farragut Field in the afternoon, some are from the fireworks celebration in the evening. The fireworks were outstanding, set off from a barge right off the USNA grounds, a wonderful sight. Many new types of colorful special effects.

    The 4th of July this year was destined to redefine the meaning of the words hazy, hot, and humid. Our car thermometer (usually very accurate) read 102 when we arrived in Annapolis at 1545 in the afternoon. When we left at 2230 tonight, it was way down to 94 degrees. I don't ever recall the temperature anywhere I have been being above 90 this late at night. The humidity is oppressive, the air quality unhealthy. Fortunately this heat wave will end in the next day or so, with 20 degree cooler weather, less humidity, and clearer skies on the way. I feel bad for the plebes without air conditioning tonight though. I recall my daughter last year saying she slept well every night because she was so exhausted she didn't notice the heat. I hope that is the case tonight for the new plebes.

    We missed the pass and review because the YPs came in earlier than anticipated. On Farragut field we watched various companies doing drills with their rifles. They were allowed to take off the white works long sleeve shirts and drill just in the long pants and their blue rim T shirts. They were told when to drink water and it was often. It is funny to see how they aren't quite in step and the rifles are held at interesting angles. You won't see that at PPW, they will be sharp and perfect by then!

    The Navy band gave a stirring, patriotic concert capped off with Stars and Stripes forever timed with the beginning of the fireworks. During the end of the performance, the plebes started arriving for the fireworks. They sat in a roped off area on Farragut Field by company in straight lines while they read Reef Points held straight out in front of them and were given ice cream and popsicles to eat.