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    Summer Block - Sailing
    Photos by and story by Barbar Craig

    Online Album of Sailing
    We were fortunate to be up on the Yard yesterday watching the action in the sailing basin when we were invited aboard a 44 by an OIC to take a look around. Of course, I couldn't resist taking a few photos! You know me, have my camera is attached to my right hand at all times. Even caught a few photos of NA-14 the Intrepid, docking with it's crew, youngsters in the 3rd block.

    For the plebe parents, your kids will be training on the 44s during one of their rotation cycles this summer, learning a little about sailing them. For the youngster parents whose kids choose CSNTS, this is the sailboat they take up and down the East Coast. They don't look very big do they? Every nook and cranny is used for storage and they hot bunk it the entire time.


    Our daughter is doing her CSNTS rotation now. We had several mids over this weekend and you should have heard the wonderful stories! They had a great time on the shake down sail in the Chesapeake, loved swimming in the open water, enjoyed handling the helm and even had fun learning the charting and navigation. They were really upbeat and enthusiastic about the rest of block when they are out in the ocean sailing. Mom is a little more anxious than they are since I heard there is a tropical storm off Cape Hatteras right now!