Parents of USNA Midshipmen BEAT ARMY !!
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    Navy-SMU football (We won!!!! 38-7)
    Story by Sylvia Yanofsky and photos by Kirk & Debbie Harris
    (click on the pictures below to link to full sized images)

    Photos by Naval Academy Parents' Club of North Texas (Clark & Jeanie COLVIN)
    Sylvia Yanofsky's D&B Album
    Sylvia Yanofsky's Album
    Steve Hayes Album
    Navy was a tidal wave rolling down the field, or so I was told. Yes, I was at the game, with a camera glued to my face most of the game. (I have never learned to understand or appreciate the intricacies of football.) I at least recognized when Navy made the touchdowns, the conversion points and the field goal. (Not bad for a football moron) :-) Of course, the short bursts of Anchors Aweigh everytime Navy made a first down was helpful - even if the sopranos only had 4 notes compared with the low brass really sailing in with the theme.

    But perhaps I should start at the beginning. I dropped my D&B Plebe off at the Raddison in time to be swept up into the flock of white milling in the lobby, waiting to board the bus for the short trip to SMU. It meant I was early enough to find a parking spot at the edge of the campus and walk. (There is no parking anywhere near the stadium on game days.)

    Found the tail gate tent (it was huge as promised). A short time later, my ears picked out the rat a tat tat of distant drums. D&B had arrived at SMU to line up, tune up, warm up and mill about till show time. I was there with cameras (plural) doing my best to fulfill my promise of lots of pictures for those who could not come enjoy the heat of August in Texas. There were a few shy mids who successfully ducked each time I looked in their direction with the black box fixed in front of my nose.

    They performed for the tail gator (a form of Texas reptile I am told) then dug into the barbecue feast. I'm sure some Mids avoided the intensely red barbecue sauce and the purple cobbler in the interest of still appearing to be pristine white during the game.

    The supe and 'dant and a number of other intensely striped officers were also present, at least one Plebe asking for and having the pleasure of his picture being taken with the supe, his father and ?grandfather. Very proud smiles in that family.

    By now, the heat had caused most of us to melt a little and there was an unending line for ice tea and lemonade. But the sun was tilting towards the west so we knew it wouldn't be long before time to wander towards the stadium.

    I missed the very beginning of the proceedings due to having to change out my camera laden backpack for a camera laden shopping bag. (They really didn't let any backpacks in.) But the fireworks did set the grass on fire. A smoking spectacle in a no smoking stadium. Oops. The F-18 flyover was spectacular - and in case you missed it the first time, they circled and flew over again, right over the visitors stands.

    Now we get to the game, about which you already know. I think I used around 12 rolls of film. One mid from the baritone section, whose mother is famous for her pictures, claims I have even managed to out shoot her mother. I don't know about that, but I did my best to get lots of face shots of D&B. Yes, the Plebes were spotted doing 35 pushups in the walkways of the stadium. Can't imagine how they kept their summer whites white after that. That walkway wasn't exactly clean. I also tried to get some shots of the cheerleaders.

    Now for the hard part. I won't have a chance to get the film developed for a few days, it being Sunday today. And when I do, it may take the better part of the week to get them all posted. But I shall persevere. You will get to see the still picture feed of the game (since I understand there was no video feed) though I don't promise they will all be in order. And if your mid was anywhere near my lens, I caught at least the back of their heads as they ducked and turned. So stay tuned.

    And by the way, that was one happy lot of Mids and Plebes at the end of the game. My son was heard muttering that he should have made a bet. He was enjoying telling me about some of the more creative bets, but I'm not sure I remember the details correctly, so I won't repeat them. But if I even heard halfway correctly, there are some very creative Plebes out there.

    Sylvia Yanofsky

    Navy Sports fans,

    NAVY Kicked off
    Navy 0-7 SMU scores first after trading punts 41 yard drive 1st qtr
    Navy 7-7 Navy marches and scores 1st qtr
    Navy 14-7 Navy recovers SMU fumble on kickoff marches in 2nd qtr
    Navy 21-7 Navy interception, Two plays later 80 yards TD 2nd qtr
    Navy 28-7 Navy TD after another turnover 4:40 remaining 2nd qtr
    Navy 28-7 Navy interception, Drive to 25, Field Goal-42 yards wide right
    SMU - Cannot stop NAVY Offense, Fake to FB-QB keeper, QB Draw
    Navy - Needs help on Kickoff returns SMU getting 40-50 yards
    Navy QB has 3 touchdowns
    Navy 35-7 Receives kickoff in 3rd qtr, Drives the field and scores 3rd qtr
    Navy 38-7 Recovers Fumble at midfield Field goal 30 yards 4th qtr.
    Navy 38-7 WINS The Game

    Derek & Shirley Martin Sylmar (LA) CA