Parents of USNA Midshipmen BEAT ARMY !!
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  • How to Post to the USNA-Parents Listserve

    We have two different lists. One is the general parent's list ( and the other is for Plebe parents ( You may join both or either one. You must send your posting from the address you registered under.

    How to join:

    1. You must register by filling out the form on the "Subscribe Now" link. It's the one just to the left with the picture of the handing signing up. Be sure to click on the "subscribe" button on the bottom of the form. That sends the information to our list administrator (Towanda Curtis) and gets you added to the list.

    2. After you receive your confirmation email, you will begin receiving posts from the list. In the begining of Plebe Summer there is quite a flurry of emails. This decreases as parental anxiety levels comes down. This is normal.

    3. When you want to send a reply to a posted question, you may either hit the "Reply" button in your email window and send an email just to the person who asked the question, or you can hit the "Reply All" button and your email will go to the whole list.

    4. We recommend adding the address or to your address book. Then whenever you want to send a post, you can click on the entry in the address book and you don't have to type in the address.

    5. To get your posting on the listserve, you must be sending the email from the address you subscribed under. If you have two addresses and you send from the unregistered address, the listserve doesn't recognize you and your post bounces out. So be sure to sign onto your subscribed email address before you try to send a note to the list.