Parents of USNA Midshipmen BEAT ARMY !!
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  • Welcome to all US Naval Academy Midshipman family and friends! offers families and friends of Midshipman a better way to communicate using the internet! Although other listserve services exist, we feel our forum provides a fresh new option for supportive communication. A USNA parent forum has existed on the WP-Org site for almost 5 years but we are now under new management. We're sure you will like the changes!

    The site hosts information and a listserver that is a resource for Navy parents. By joining our listserve, you add your name to a members-only email service. You can write to the other members of the list and receive their emails. Only those on the list will receive your emails. You can reply privately to other members or to the whole membership.

    Incoming Plebe Parents are initially registered on a second listserve just for them. We have two lists going at the same time. The main list is called USNA-Parents and it goes to everyone registered. In addition, every Plebe parent is also subscribed to a list called USNA-Plebe-Parent. When you post a note to USNA-Plebe-Parent it only goes to the incoming Plebe parents. Many parents unsubscribe to the Plebe list at the end of the year. However, most still chose to stay on the Parent list for the rest of their Mid's stay at USNA. Everyone is a Parent, but only the Plebe Parents are on the Plebe list. If you post to the Parent list, everyone gets the post (even the Plebe parents get it) but if you post to the Plebe list, only those on the Plebe
    list get the post. So, if you have a general question, post it to the parent list (address is But if your comment or question is about the plebe year or a particular plebe issue, just post it to the Plebe list (address is When parents post a message to both addresses at once in the address field, everyone who is on the Plebe list gets the post twice. So remembering about the two different lists is helpful.

    Our mission is to share information and knowledge. We seek to ways to support our USNA Midshipmen. It's also a wonderful way to network and form friendships among a group of folks who will really understand what you are going through. We are able to support each other through the the many joys and tribulations of the Navy parenting experience. Other family members, sponsor parents, USNA graduates and USNA staff are welcome to join the family. We hope you do! Welcome aboard.