Parents of USNA Midshipmen BEAT ARMY !!
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    To be removed from the listserve send a message to our subscription registrar by clicking HERE and put "unsubscribe" in the subject line. You must send your unsubscribe email from the address you are removing from the list or it will not work. If you only want to unsubscribe from the Plebe list, write "unsubscribe Plebe list". If you want to unsubscribe from all lists, just write "unsubscribe ALL".

    To change your list address, click HERE and put, "address change" in the subject line. Your request must always come from your current active address. Write your new email address in the body of your email message.

    If you a computer techie and you want to access files off Majordomo, you can read the following information. Most parents will not be interested in the rest of this page and you can freely skip it and not miss anything overly significant.

    How to request files or information from "Majordomo"
    A listserver is a computer program which manages Email for a group of people with a common interest. In this case your interest is United States Naval Academy. Functionally, the program maintains a list of subscribers and reflects back to the entire list any message sent to it by any single member. This list has been set up as a 'closed' list which means it must recognize your sending address as a member before it will execute the distribution of your post to all the members.

    The listserver is Majordomo. The important thing to know is that Majordomo (1) automatically broadcasts your single messages to those on the list AND (2) automatically handles your organization's archived documents. Note that these are two different functions. You will need to send your messages to the right address for each function.


    All commands to request actions by majordomo are entered in their own separate messages addressed to:

    Please note that case is significant on the listserver so be sure to use capitals only where they are called for. Most commands are entered in lower case letters only. The subject of the message is ignored by majordomo but will be returned to you. Therefore, you can put anything in that area which will help you to identify a returning transmission. Note that some systems require something in the subject so you may have to enter at least one character!

    The commands you may need are the following:

    Use get to get a file
    Use help to obtain additional help like this
    Use index to list all the files that are available.
    Use info to retrieve the listBs introductory information
    Use unsubscribe to remove yourself from the list

    In all cases, you add additional information after the above commands if needed.

    *get* requires both list and file name.
    *help* requires an optional listname. With regard to the *help* command, providing the listname will append the contents of the "help_info" file (which is also available as a retrievable file via the *get* command).
    The other three commands, *index*, *info*, and *unsubscribe*, require only the list.

    The example below shows the proper syntax:

    get plebe-net admissions_2005_class
    get parent-forum admissions_2005_class


    ALL E-MAIL SENT TO MAJORDOMO MUST BE IN PLAIN TEXT. To lean how to change to plain text, see

    To get a list of the wp-org lists you are subscribed to:
    - send email to
    - no subject
    - in email body, type:
    Return an index of files you can get
    - send email to
    - no subject
    - in email body, type:
    index plebe-net
    To get a listing of files available in the archive directory:
    - send email to
    - no subject
    - in email body, type:
    get wpp-net acad_sch