USNA Parent Survival Guide ~ Plebe Summer
Someone asked what the typical schedule is like during Plebe Summer. Some adjustments must be made for this year's class, but overall it gives a good idea of what their days are like. It is not just all physical training. To understand what it all means, check on the translations below. There's still a few abbreviations missing, but you get the idea. You might print out the list below, then daily check their schedule on the site. You can keep track of their days that way.


ACR, Academic Advising Period
BI, Book Issue for Plebes and Plebe Detail
BOXING, Boxing Introduction
CCT, Company Commander Training
CD, Character Development
CIP, Chapel Indoc
COD, close order drill
CREW, Crew introduction
DC, Damage Control Training
DEN, Dental Exam
EYES, Eye examination and hearing test
HCT, Haircut
HONOR, honor training--briefs by the honor staff
ID, Identification
IRT, Interpersonal relations training
KA, Knockabout Sailing
LA, lasers
LANG, ???
LASS, ???
NA44, NA 44 Sailing
NL112, ???
PHOTO, Photogragh for military identification cards and
RP, room preparation
RTSA, Repair Tailor shop alteration
SER, Squad Endurance Run
SIG3, Signal Instruction
SLI, Squad leader instruction
SQ, Squash
SWIM, Swimming
UP, Uniform preparation
USMC/OC, Marine obstacle course
WRESTLING, Wrestling
WTP, Weapons Training
ACR Academic Advising Period
BI 1 Book Issue for Plebes and Plebe Detail
BI 2 Book Issue follow up and exchange
BOX Boxing Introduction
Career Career Brief
CC 1 Confidence Course orientation
CC 2 Confidence Course test
CD Character Development
Chapel Indoc Command Religious program plebe summer indoctrination
CRP Command Religious program academic year introduction
COD Close Order Drill
Computer Orientation self-explainatory
CORE VALUES Core values training
COT Company officer time
CPR Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation instruction
CREW Crew introduction
CTS 1 Contract Tailor shop 1 - Initial measure
CTS 2 Contract Tailor shop 2 - fitting and issue
D&B Drum and Bugle Corps Audition
DC Damage Control Training


DC Study Damage control study
Direct deposit sign-up
DEN Dental Exam
E-8 Time Motivational brief given by senior enlisted advisors
EYES Eye examination and hearing test
FIRST AID First aid training
FP Fingerprinting
FTRC Fire team reaction course
GYM Gymnastics introduction
HCT Haircut
H & H Health & Hygiene brief
HS Health survey (smoking and tobacco use education also covered)
Honor Concept Orientation
IRT Interpersonal relations training
KA Knockabout instruction (6-8 man open sailboat)
KA Study Study time for test
LA Laser sailing training (small one man sailboat)
MA Musical activities
MET Miscellaneous educational testing
Library Library introduction/tour
MBTI/16PF Myer Bruggs Type indicator survey for data collection
purposes/16 performance factors
MSI Midshipmen Store Issue
MSX Midshipmen Store Exchange
MUSEUM Museum tour
MUSIC ACT Musical activities audition
NPR Navy Rights and responsibilities workshop
OIC Officer-in-charge discussion
PCON Personal Conditioning Instruction
PEP Physical Exercise program
Personal Time Time alloted for personal relaxation
PHOTO Photogragh for military identification cards and performance jackets
PRODEV Professional Development Brief
PRT Physical Readiness Test
RCT Regimental Commanders Time
RIFLE Rifle issue
RTSA 1 Repair Tailor shop alteration (while-you-wait for sewing on of camouflage uniform nametags and whiteworks alteration)
RTSA 2 Repair Tailor shop alteration 2 (primarily for summer whites)
SCC Squad Combat Course
SER Squad Endurance Run
SIG Signal Instruction
SIG STUDY designated study time for signals test
SLI Squad leader instruction
SLOOPS Sloops familiarization
SPONSOR Sponsor brief
SQU Squash introduction
STD Sexually transmitted diseases lecture
SWIM Swimming instruction
WRES Wrestling introduction
WTP Weapons training period